Announcements Louisville Township

Organic Recycling Facility Relocation Open House

January 31st 6pm - 8pm

SMSC Announcement

An open house will be held at Jackson Town Hall to discuss the moving of the organic recycling facility to Louisville Township. More info can be found in the link above.

Dem-Con Landfill SW-290 Expansion

Expansion Information

The Dem-Con Landfill SW-290 is an existing Class III Demolition Landfill in Louisville Township, Scott County, Minnesota. Dem-Con Landfill, LLC is seeking a horizontal expansion onto 241 acres directly south of the existing landfill adding 36,247, 942 cubic yards (cy) of airspace to the existing landfill for a total design capacity of 55,300,384 cy of airspace. The 241-acre expansion area is an active limestone quarry that is nearing completion and preparing for final reclamation activities and end use development.

Renaissance Festival Traffic Feedback

Thanks to all of you who volunteered your feedback at our recent township meeting. We strongly encourage anyone impacted by the Renaissance Festival traffic to provide feedback to our Scott County officials listed below who have the ability to help us improve this issue. Please consider attending a future County Board Meeting to show your support and share your perspective. If we become aware of a specific meeting dedicated to this topic we will provide further details.

Scott County Board of Commissioners Brad Davis: County Planning Manager

Upcoming Events

Township Board Meeting:
Thursday, January 5th @ 7pm