Covid 19 Updates

Due to covid 19, the location of board meetings has been temporarily moved from the Scott County Government Center. May's meeting was held at Jackson Townhall in person. Check here for locations of meetings each month.

Announcements Louisville Township

Township Broadband Access

Netwave Broadband will have high-speed interent available by May 8th. Residents will have access to speeds of up to 30 Mbps. For more information, click here for more information.

Louisville Township Photo Request

With the website being newly launched, we are looking for photos to place on the site. Send some of your best photos of the township to Any pictures you send are appreciated!

Spring Clean up Day

Spring clean up day has been postponed to a later date due to Covid 19. Check out the Shakopee City Website for more information.

Upcoming Events

Township Board Meeting:
Thursday, June 4th at 7pm (Location TBD)