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Shakopee Cleanup Day

Information on Shakopee's Website

Shakopee Clean Up Day will be April 27th from 7:30-11:30am. Residents of Louisville Township are invited to attend. Event information can be found at the above link.

Dem-Con Landfill SW-290 Expansion

Expansion Information

The Dem-Con Landfill SW-290 is an existing Class III Demolition Landfill in Louisville Township, Scott County, Minnesota. Dem-Con Landfill, LLC is seeking a horizontal expansion onto 241 acres directly south of the existing landfill adding 36,247, 942 cubic yards (cy) of airspace to the existing landfill for a total design capacity of 55,300,384 cy of airspace. The 241-acre expansion area is an active limestone quarry that is nearing completion and preparing for final reclamation activities and end use development.

Upcoming Events

Township Board Meeting:
Thursday, January 5th @ 7pm